Who doesn't have some of these? Here's a list of some of mine!


Check out my portfolio for a more in depth look, but meanwhile - enjoy this brief synopsis of some of my work!


For giggles, I released a mobile app written in Java for Android on google plus called

It's a political game! For those of you who are angry with Republians or Democrats this is a great way to vent your frustrations. Choose one of the main political characters and then choose what type of animal you want to use to drown them in poop. The larger the animal, the slower they fly. I even designed a flying donkey for Democrats who want to vent on Republicans and for those Republicans, I designed a flying elephant to vent on the Democrat of choice.

Want it? Google my name - ELizabeth Kooba - it will show up! It's the three "f's" Free, fun and frivolous!


You know that cheesy phrase, Home is where the heart is? As cheesy as it is, it is true for me. I am happily married to a great guy who is incredibly supportive, own two fabulous dogs - Oscar who is a lovable, snuggly Bichon Frise and Bomber our adorable toy poodle who is incredibly loyal. We have two cats as well, a sweet as pie Tabby who finds comfort in eating all the other animal's food and therefore is quite large and a curmudgeony Siamese who jumps up on counters when people prepare food in hopes of snagging some.

But the real life force in our household are my two teenagers. They are outspoken, opinionated and test boundaries. These amazing kids manage to do all of this and are for the most part polite when pushing buttons. The household revolves around their schedules and they are busy. Cross Country, Art Club, Drama Club, Track, Year Book Club, friends, friends, and more friends keep us constantly on the move.