Coffee Appreciation 101

The coffee tree is a coniferous tree that grows in high altitude tropical climates in a band around the equator of the earth. Inside the fruit of the tree, known as the coffee "cherry", lies the coveted coffee bean which is actually a seed. In coffee growing regions of the world, workers hand pick the ripe cherries for processing. During processing, the coffee bean is liberated from its pulpy home, and prepared for shipment to a quality roaster like Coffee Nation! Not all coffees are harvested and prepared with such labor intensive care as the coffee served here at Coffee Nation. We serve only the finest quality Arabicas from around the world. We roast daily and serve fresh just for you.

Coffee Varietals

Many different countries grow several different sub-species of Arabica in many different climatic conditions around the globe. As such, coffee has many varieties, much like wine. However, unlike wine,the location in which coffee grows has a very large impact on how it will taste in the cup than what type it is - as long as it is Arabica.