Brewed Coffees

Papua New Guinea X Grade, Madan Plantation: One of our favorites. A complex cup, deftly toeing the line between the acidity of a Central American and the body of an Indonesian.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Certified Organic: A citrusy East African with lively acidity and a light body. Watch out, this one might jump out of the cup at you!

Colombian Supremo "El Toro": Everyone is familiar with coffee from this region. a well-balanced, complex cup with bright-but-not-to-bright acidity and lighter body.

Sumatran Manhelding: Earthy tones and deep complexity, along with the heavy body fitting a coffee from this region.

El Salvador Las Nubes: A vivid cup with a clean finish and medium body. An excellent example of the Central American taste profile.

Brazilian Cerrado "Porta Rossa": Fruity sweetness hides inside a muted acidity with a heavier body. Very low-key and manageable.

Mexican Organic Chiapas: With a taste of chocolate in the cup, this one is a real crowd pleaser!

Eastside Java: Our take on the age old Mocha Java blend, combining a big bodied Indonesian with a bright, fruity Red Sea coffee.

Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Guatamalan SHB Grade: Organically decaffeinated, not with chemicals like most other coffees. Brightness and hints of smokiness in the cup, just like it's caffeinated big brother.