Espresso is a method of brewing coffee, in which water is quickly forced through a tightly packed bed of finely ground coffee in order to extract the flavorful and aromatic coffee oils. The entire process takes only 18-21 seconds, and should be done at a pressure of 9 bars. the process happens so quickly that virtually none of the undesirable taste elements in coffee are extracted. Additionally, the fact that many espresso blends are dark roasted make it less caffeinated than brewed coffee.

Many things affect tyne brewing cycle of espresso, including humidity, atmospheric pressure, and temperature. The grind of the coffee must be adjusted throughout the day to account for these changes. You may hear us talk of extraction times at Coffee Nation. These minute adjustments are to what we refer.

Any single-origin coffee can be brewed espresso style, and expresso need not be dark roasted. However, most experts agree that it is nearly impossible to find a a single bean that contains all the elements necessary for quality espresso. These include body, sweetness, aroma, muted acidity, etc. As such, most espresso brewed consists of a blend of beans from a a variety of origins around the world.

Our espresso is a hand crafted Arabica blend in the Italian style. Smooth, with a bittersweet resonance, perfected alone or with milk in cappuccinos, lattes, etc. The beans are separately roasted to the optimum roast levels, then blended in-house to our specifications.